Wilhelmina Smith

The Blacksmith


Location: currently unknown
Wilhelmina is Seralyn‘s mother, a retired adventurer, and a beautiful woman despite her advancing years. She owns and runs the smithy in Whitefield, The Soldier’s Friend. She is known to be rather protective of her daughter, but supportive of her business endeavors. Wilhelmina provides a necessary service in Whitefield, and is reputedly the best blacksmith in the (admittedly sparsely populated) barony. She has no spouse, and only one child.


Wilhelmina is a former member of a mostly elven adventuring party, with particular skill in polearm combat. She hasn’t told Seralyn much about her life before moving to Whitefield, mostly out of concern that Seralyn might try looking for her elven father and get into trouble a long way from home. Recently, Ignidia used the Gathering Stone to draw out humanoids with violent tendencies, and Wilhelmina has left town to follow her. She has left behind a letter to Seralyn, a cache of trophies and mementos under the floor in her bedroom, and the management of her smithy until she returns.

In her letter to Seralyn, she has revealed that her elven lover Boerlyn Vandergriff used to go by the moniker “Yellowblade,” and was last heard from in Port Westvale.

Boerlyn has since let Seralyn know that Wilhelmina’s real name is Abigail Fane, and that she is wanted for the murder of Prince Kar Avor of Dorwine, The Magocracy of Wrath. This, and her desire for a stable life for her child, led to her retirement from the adventuring lifestyle and change of identity.

Wilhelmina Smith

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