Seralyn Smith

Half Elf Oracle


Main Character art by Selenada on DeviantArt (modified by VerityCandle)

Seralyn in Armor (image by Astri-Lohne on Deviantart)

Level 7 – Half Elf – Oracle

Mystery: Life
Curse: Legalistic

Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: 10 (+0)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 18 (+4)

AC: 20 (Mithril Chainmail + Buckler)
Fort: +2
Ref: +5
Will: +7, +9 total vs. Enchantment,

Merciful Longbow, +9 to hit, 1d8 + 1d6 + 1 Damage

Race Features
+2 to any 1 stat
Humanoid – Human, Elf
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft
Languages: Common, Elven,

Keen Senses: +2 to Perception checks
Elven Immunities: Immune to magical sleep, +2 to saves versus Enchantment
Weapon Familiarity: Proficient with Longbow, Longsword, Rapier, Shortbow. Any “Elven” weapon counts as martial.
Low Light Vision: Can see twice as far as humans in low light
Fey Thoughts: Add Perception and Perform to Seralyn’s class skill list with +1
Elf-Blood: Counts as both Human and Elf

Altruistic Diplomat: + 2 Trait Bonus to Diplomacy as long as Seralyn retains a Good Allegiance and Positive Kharma
Fortune’s Favored: When ever you are granted a luck bonus, increase it by 1
Mystery Trait: GM’s Discretion, related to her family
Flaw: Overprotective: If an ally is unconscious from hit point damage, Seralyn has –2 to attack rolls and skill checks if she’s farther than 10 feet away from her fallen ally.

Point-Blank Shot: +1 to attack an damage rolls versus targets within 30ft
Precise Shot: Can shoot safely at targets in melee without the -4 penalty.
Rapid Shot: When full attacking take -2 to all attacks to make an extra attack with a ranged weapon

Class Features
Proficiencies: Medium Armor, Simple Weapons, Shields (except Tower Shields)
Spell Casting: Full Caster, Known Spells
Mystery: Life
Curse: Legalistic: If Seralyn breaks her word, she becomes sickened for 24 hours or until obligation is met, Once per day Seralyn can make a vow to grant + 4 Morale Bonus to one roll to fulfill a promise to another

Channel: Can channel positive energy like a cleric—1d6 + 1d6 for every 2 cleric levels (total 3d6 right now). This can be done 1+ her Charisma modifier times per day (5 times right now). The Save DC is based on her Oracle level (15 right now)
Safe Curing: Whenever Seralyn casts a spell that cures the target of hit point damage, she does not provoke attacks of opportunity for spellcasting.

Spells Known
Level 0 (Orisons):
Enhance Diplomacy
Create Water
Purify Food & Drink
Detect Poison

Level 1
Cure Light Wounds
Detect Undead
Read Weather
Comprehend Languages
Divine Favor
Touch of Truthtelling
Forbid Action

Level 2
Cure Moderate Wounds
Lesser Restoration
Calm Emotions
Share Language

Level 3
Cure Serious Wounds
Neutralize Poison
Remove Curse

Unique ability: Favors

Seralyn can call on a favor from almost any person in Whitefield. Unnamed NPCs are good for a +2 bonus on any particular downtime roll, but named NPCs can be more helpful. This ability can be used once every five days (6/month) for unnamed NPCs or once per month for a named NPC. If a named NPC is called upon, another favor must be done for them before they will give out another favor, with the exception of Gabriel Button, who collects favors like a botanist collects pressed flowers, with the intention of calling upon several at once when he needs something big.

She currently is owed favors from Dan, Zeke, Madame Raleigh, and Gabriel.


Tall and lithe with dark brown hair and soft hazel eyes, the young half elf woman has a knowing smile and a kind expression.

The Daughter of Whitefield Blacksmith Wilhelmina Smith and an Elf only known as Vandergriff, Seralyn grew up primarily learning from her human mother. She nonetheless tried to cultivate her elvish heritage, to the degree she was able—as evidenced by her devoted study of elvish weapons.

It was on her sixteenth birthday that Seralyn was given her unique gift—she was an oracle of the gods. As she grew, she came to see herself as an ambassador between the Gods and the Mortals of Thargorthras (or at least the mortals of Whitefield), someone who could help them communicate and achieve greater harmony.

In a small town like Whitefield this primarily manifested as being the voice of her town’s prayers. Seralyn accepted this duty gracefully, though at times she used her ability to interpret the will of the gods to seek more mundane solutions to their problems.

Seralyn was born on a clear night in the mid-summer (Septar 15, 904) with the help of a Whitefield midwife. It was an easy birth, despite or perhaps because she was born smaller than a fully human baby would be. Though it was on the night of a shooting star, there was very little notable about her birth, save that she had, and still has, a small birthmark under her left breast.

Due to her half-elven heritage, Seralyn aged slower than other human children. Seralyn’s mother began her schooling when Seralyn was 8 years old, two full years later than was standard for human children. She hoped that Seralyn’s development would eventually to catch up to her peers. It would not.

Seralyn was well taught by her mother, and was an an attentive pupil, taking her mother’s lessons to heart. Aside from things like reading and arithmetic, Seralyn learned basic martial training, especially elven weapons—her mother’s way of preserving Seralyn’s link to her father’s heritage.

Though reasonably mature for her true age, Seralyn was often seen as “behind” by other children. At first it was in simple physical measures like throwing a ball or climbing a tree—something easily attributable to her slim frame. While other children would at times tease her, for her unusual elven features and her perceived lack of athletic ability, it was nothing more than childish taunts, and Seralyn was able to make friends rather easily (especially once her innate elven grace gave her an edge in games that required more precision). But as time went on, and her peers interests turned towards the erotic, Seralyn began drifting away from them.

As she reached sixteen years of age, Seralyn’s body was equivalent in maturity to 12 year old human, and friendships with 14 year old humans could be disconcerting. Adding to this the fact that it was at sixteen that Seralyn’s divine gift first manifested, and sixteen became a year of increasing isolation for Seralyn.

Over the next two years, Seralyn devoted herself to self-taught religious studies, and while her peers engaged in romances and other courtship activities, Seralyn abstained. By the time she had learned all she could from the books in Whitefield (and any she could send away for), she found many of her peers already in long term relationships and preparing to join a trade, while she felt barely more than a child.

As she studied, Seralyn began to more fully embrace her duties as an oracle. For a short time, she considered running away to join The Cloister, believing that a life devoted to the divine would ease her isolation. Only her misgivings about travel and her devotion to her mother held her back. However, a short series of events changed all that.

About sixth months after her eighteenth birthday, Seralyn was sitting in prayer when she heard a sharp cry. A young woman in the town square had fallen from her horse and was severely injured. She wouldn’t be able to make it to the Hearthfires in time to save her life. Seralyn ran to the woman, and placing her hands on her began a prayer. Not only did she save the woman’s life, but she healed her injuries completely (Cure Light Wounds + Channel Energy).

Though the people of the town knew of the Hearthfires and their healing, they were impressed with Seralyn’s swiftness and how complete her healing was.

Perhaps, even with the town’s gratitude, Seralyn would still have left for the cloister if it were not for what happened next. It was the beginning of spring in that same year, and planting was about to begin. One night, as Seralyn was in meditation, she had a vision of a frost settling over newly planted ground (Read Weather). Seralyn wasn’t an expert in farming, but knew that such a thing would surely harm the seeds.

The next morning, Seralyn approached some of the farmers and told them to wait just a little while to begin planting, because she believed a frost was coming. Though they were at first uncertain, the farmers remembered her divine ability and chose to heed her warning. Sure enough, that night a sudden frost came through the town.

The next day, the Farmers approached Seralyn and asked her to talk, again, to Pawasa, and ask him to clear the frost. So Seralyn prayed and meditated, attempting to divine the answer, and found her prayers answered with another vision. Two days out, she saw the frost melt, and felt the sun’s spring warmth.

Sure enough, the frost did as she predicted. Though Seralyn was sure that she had only read what would occur, the townspeople believed that she influenced the gods to act. Soon Seralyn found herself inundated with requests for prayers. And strangely enough, she found herself answering them.

Though she was at times graced with divine guidance—perhaps through a cryptic dream or an easily missed sign, more often, Seralyn herself acted to grant the prayer. After all, she reasoned (with a legalistic mind supported by her curse), she was an agent of the gods, and thus surely she was allowed to act in their stead (the gods, after all were quite busy).

Soon, Seralyn found herself the town’s confidant, the person they went to if they were in need of help. In that position, she found that she could do good and help others, something which gave her immense satisfaction. And soon, she found all desire to run away had vanished, replaced with a new sense of purpose.

On Felsday, Undecar 12, 929, Seralyn was contacted by a noblewoman passing through Whitefield. While perusing the market, the woman’s young son had escaped her sight and wandered off. She didn’t know who to contact, but had heard some of the villagers talking about someone with divine gifts. With no other lead and because she was a strongly devout woman, she sought out Seralyn and asked her to pray for her son’s safe return.

Seralyn was not content to merely pray, however, and took it upon herself to find the boy before harm came to him. At first she searched village, asking around at the market. But when she found no sign of him, and the only lead pointed to the forest, she took up up bow and some armor from her mother’s shop and set out into the forest.

It took almost two days, but she was eventually able to track the boy to a small hollow in a tree where he had been hiding. Reassuring him that she was a friend and that everything would be alright, she guided him back out of the woods and to his mother.

Though Seralyn asked for no reward, the woman insisted and gave her enough gold to pay for her borrowed armaments as well as purchase her own home. The young boy also insisted on granting a gift to his rescuer and gave Seralyn the glowing stone he had kept with him for light in the forest—an ioun torch.

With the reward money, Seralyn purchased her own land and had a small house built upon it. Though it primarily serves as Seralyn’s home also has an altar dedicated to all the gods and a small office. From there, Seralyn can privately meet people who need her help.

Seralyn is well liked in Whitefield and knows most everyone, though due to her position and heritage she is somewhat of an outsider in most social groups. Seralyn acts as a counselor within Whitefield and frequently helps people settle their problems and disputes. Seralyn has even played matchmaker more than once. However, despite having helped many other people with their relationships, Seralyn’s experience with relationships of her own is limited and the what she has was..less than ideal.

When Seralyn finally felt ready to seek a relationship, many of her peers were already married, and those among them who were not tended to look at Seralyn as a distant beauty, something to be admired, but never touched. In her first attempt at dating, Seralyn found that at first her date could barely speak with her, and when he finally worked up the confidence his words sounded more like a prayer to a goddess than a conversation with a friend. In her second attempt, her date ended up dominating the conversation, telling Seralyn every one of his problems in hope she could solve them.

After this, Seralyn resigned herself to a life without romance. Though Seralyn is often too busy to notice her own loneliness, all she really wants in a partner is someone who sees her as a person, someone with whom she can simply talk.

Seralyn Smith

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