Roland the Horse Breeder

A matured and excitable but smelly man.


Location: Whitefield Stables
Roland has many horses for sale. He also sells a horse-related by-product to farmers, which is the bulk of his income.
Just inside his shop is a chalkboard listing all of the horses Roland has for sale, including name, breed, and price. Right now, the list looks like this:
Cupcake, Thoroughbred Saepino, 3100 silver.
Brie, Thoroughbred, C T, 3000 silver
Stanton, Clydesdale, 2010 silver
Orov, Clydesdale, 2005 silver
Fangor, Elven black, C T, 1115 silver
Mayor, Elven grey, C T, 1100 silver
Echelon, Elven black, 760 silver
Doodle, Elven white, 755 silver
Oscar, Elven grey, 750 silver
Destiny, Germetyan gold pony, C T, 460 silver
Lucky, Germetyan grey pony, 310 silver
Fetch, Germetyan grey pony, 305 silver
Horse apples 16 silver/sack.

While some of the horses are combat trained, Roland’s focus is entirely on breeding and collecting… by-product. His brother Dan is a full-time trainer.


Roland the Horse Breeder

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