Old Zeke

Store owner


Location: Old Zeke’s General Store in Whitefield during work hours, then at the Silver Sphinx for a couple hours before he heads back home.
Old Zeke is white-haired and bearded, dressed simply but professionally, friendly and polite but never bends on prices.
A retired travelling merchant, “Old” Zeke MacAllister runs the General Store in Whitefield. He receives his merchandise from old contacts he has kept through the years. While he’s happy to discuss current events, he does not like to haggle and is less than friendly to those who try.
Most mundane gear worth less than 200 gp can be found in his shop, with the exception of one spyglass, which is kept in a secure glass display case behind the counter. The case requires the use of a ladder for anyone to reach.


A few days before he was born, Old Zeke’s parents, Orlef and Patia MacAllister came to Silverhold to sell wool. They found an inn just outside of town, bedded their mule, secured their wares, and got ready for another week of haggling with dwarven weavers. For the first couple of days, things went normally, but on the third day, Orlef MacAllister fell victim to a fire in one of his customers’ stores. When the news reached Patia, the stress and shock forced her into labor. A midwife was sent for, and the dwarves at the inn helped as best they could, but only the child survived. With no parents to give him a home, he was adopted by one of the dwarves staying at the inn, Satchel, an old friend of Orlef’s, who named him Ezekiel, after his uncle. True to dwarf tradition, little Ezekiel kept his last name, and under dwarven law, gained the rights and responsibilities of dwarven citizenship. He retained the ownership of his father’s wool business, and after completing the comprehensive dwarven education system in record time (allowances were made for his rapid maturity), he followed in his parents’ footsteps as a wool merchant. Calling upon his father and mother’s business connections, most of whom were also known to Satchel, he started a profitable, if rather mundane, life of travel. He managed to stay safe and save up enough to retire in his parent’s hometown, and begin another new life as the owner of a general store, a trade which he had learned from his adopted father, with whom he still keeps in touch regularly. He has been running that store for more than 20 years, and is almost ready to retire again, perhaps to start another new life as something equally mundane. For what it’s worth, Old Zeke is perfectly content to live a life without danger or excitement, and only occasionally gets lonely for companionship.

Old Zeke

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