Master Farenroth

A bald man wearing armor under a loose robe.


Farenroth is a foreign priest, and by outward appearance, a priest of Nerith. However, as he will be quick to tell you, he is not a priest of Nerith, but of the many other denizens of Dol’haddur, who he feels are not given adequate representation in mortal religion. He moves from town to town, keeping to the outskirts, gathering followers with his strange sermons as he searches the lands for something he does not speak of. He is prone to outlandish visions that come to him without warning, sometimes offering clues to what he seeks.


It is obvious by his dress, accent, and manner, that Farenroth is not from Viridonia, though it is difficult to place his origin. Even his bodyguard, a rough dwarf named Dakarai Ironfoot, does not know where his master traveled before they met. Farenroth prefers not to speak of his past, dismissing it as far less interesting than the future that awaits him.

Master Farenroth

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