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Aide to Dame Zelcir


Location: Zelcir Keep in Whitefield
This man is the personal assistant to Dame Zelcir, and while he spends most of his time at her side, taking notes and offering advice and information, he also spends a good deal of time walking around the village, gathering information on the state of the populace, collecting taxes at the appropriate times, inspecting the town guards, and settling disputes too petty for the Baroness. He is very busy all the time, apparently energetic but not particularly animated. He has a special distaste for shapeshifters.


Little is known about Gabriel to anyone but Gabriel. It is rumored that he was so annoying to his parents as a child that they sent him to a special academy for unwanted children. Or, perhaps, this is just something parents in Whitefield say to discourage their children from misbehaving. In any case, he is devoted to his job, which he has had for over 13 years, and has become very close to Dame Zelcir, who trusts his advice implicitly.

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