Catfolk Bard/Rogue


Felicity is a beautiful and sprightly catfolk woman, always dressed in the latest fashion she can get her hands on. She uses her force of personality and oratory skill to hawk her merchandise in every settlement she passes through, and is a welcome sight to anyone familiar with her brand of beverages. The catnip and dandelion wine, called The Cat’s Pajamas, is a favorite among humans and catfolk alike.

Felicity is the heir to Caduceus Spirits, the family Ale and Wine company. After her father drank himself to death and her mother retired, she is the proprietor of her small but profitable business. Because the business relies on word-of-mouth for advertising, she and her modest staff travel back and forth along the Viridonia’s main roads to deliver shipments and spread the word of their quality to potential customers or investors. Riding along in her wagon, which is loaded with a few full and empty barrels, are three other catfolk and two dwarves who work for the company. The wagon is pulled by two heavy horses, Pyewacket and Ratatoskr.

Unique ability: Trade Connections

During any downtime spent in any settlement, Felicity can exchange one or more forms of capital (other than actual currency) for an equal or lesser gold piece value of other capital (other than actual currency), in any combination, but neither the amount of capital received or spent may exceed the amount allowed by the settlement. This can be used once for each time she visits a settlement or once every 20 days. She can, at will during downtime, allow other party members to trade capital at a 2 to 1 ratio (3 to 1 for magic) rather than a 3 to 1 ratio (5 to 1 for magic), but only if she and the other party member are both in the same settlement.


Felicity’s family lives in Staygate, and Caduceus Spirits has been the family business for three generations before her. The brewery that produces the various spirits is still based there, though much of the raw materials (grain, grapes, spices) are still produced elsewhere.
In her early childhood, Felicity’s father was paranoid, and would set harmless but noisy traps around the house to deter housebreakers. In order to have an early breakfast without waking her parents, she had to learn to avoid these traps, and by her young adulthood she was able to disarm and reassemble the traps on her way to sneak out at night.
After her father drank himself to death over his worries, the traps were no longer around, but by then, she was also spending time with a few unsavory and rakish individuals who were more than happy to teach her a few fencing techniques. Unfortunately for her, she was caught by her mother one night and sent to a prestigious boarding school in Coaton, where she learned, after sneaking out one night to hang out with some teenagers at the School of Arcane Study, that she had a gift for magic and showmanship. By the time she graduated, she was well on her way to becoming a famous performer. After a few years of travelling back and forth from Port Westvale to Coaton to Highridge to back home in Staygate, she has learned about many subjects, but in particular she has learned about history, magic, geography, and most of all, social conduct.


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