Dame Zelcir, Baroness of Radimyr

In her 60s, dressed in finery at all times.


Location: Zelcir Keep in Whitefield
Dame Zelcir is old, but has excellent taste in clothing and decor, a calm demeanor hiding an indomitable will, and a strong sense of responsibility for her barony.
It is well known to the inhabitants of Whitefield that their Lady is wealthy, having inherited what is left of her grandfather’s legacy: A barony and a literal dragon’s hoard, collected at the peak of his adventuring career. She governs her barony with grace, and feels genuine compassion for the serfs under her care. She has no ambitions beyond leaving a better life for her children and grandchildren, and improving her barony’s standing with the royal court. Despite her wealth, she does not have a lot of resources to pull from in order to protect her people as well as she’d like, and her offers to buy or rent mercenaries from other towns and cities have been rejected.


Since her birth, Dame Zelcir has been groomed to serve the king in her current position. As the oldest child of three, she has known her destiny since she could comprehend it and has faith in herself to fulfill her duty to her king and her subjects. As a child, she would collect more books than she had time to read, and has spent a lot of her adult life trying to catch up. Her duties keep her busy during the day, but it is rumored that she reads for an hour every night before bed. When she was twenty-four, her parents finally convinced her to marry, and on her twenty-fifth birthday she married a young noble, spent the next six years in joy, during which they had four children, and at the end of which he died in a mountain hiking accident. She never remarried, but raised her children well and married them all off to noble houses, three in Viridonia, and one in the neighboring elf kingdom to the east.
The oldest one lives in one of her vacation houses in a remote (and hidden) part of the barony, for his safety while he waits to assume his mother’s role, but his children, the Lady’s grandchildren, live with her in the keep. Horace Zelcir and Portia Zelcir have reached adult age but are unmarried and unprepared to leave the village.

Dame Zelcir, Baroness of Radimyr

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