Human Fighter


Audreyn has red hair and bright amber eyes, and a thin nose. She also suffers a mild allergy to rodents, including ratfolk.
At the start of the campaign, she has been given instructions to protect the lives of the other party members, keep them focused on their assigned tasks, and otherwise defer to their expertise.

Unique ability: Noble Agent

In any of the seven settlements containing nobility, Audreyn can request an audience with either the local leaders or their aides, and can bring the rest of the party with her to such a meeting. The time required between making the request and receiving an invitation varies, but is generally 1d10 days, minus a number of days as the party gains fame and reputation.


A noble retainer in the court of Dame Zelcir of Whitefield, Baroness of Radimyr, Audreyn has spent her whole life learning regional heraldry and the art of martial combat. She is uneasy around magic after a minor accident in her initial training, but stalwart in the face of danger. She adventures at the behest of her liege, seeking only to earn glory for herself and Dame Zelcir, and defers to the other members of her party whenever possible.
Notable deeds include winning second place in the annual tri-barony joust three years in a row, defending Her Ladyship from gnolls on their way to Lord Selnos’ wedding, and slaying an errant draugr from the river.


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