Adventures in Thargothras

Session 9

More dungeon

The party decided to do some forward exploration, and, not liking what they saw, decided to backtrack and discover other rooms. After a couple of tense fights, and some more exploration, they drew the direct attention of Alad, and had a brief taunting match with him. In the end, to save some time in the future, they loaded up Skyler with some stealth and perception enhancing spells and items, and sent him to scout all rooms not sealed off by locked or trapped doors. Most of the dungeon was mapped due to Skyler's cartography skills, and the locations of treasure (and therefore guardian monsters) are now known, though the kind of monster could be changed as Alad shuffles them between rooms. Allen has also come up with a plan to draw Alad out of hiding and force his hand to empty some of the rooms of monsters into the sunlit room for a large confrontation.



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