Adventures in Thargothras

Session 8

Clerics. curses, and confections

We began on Pasaday, Quintar 5, having safely arrived at the Cloister after a few castings of Mount by Allen. They were greeted at the door by one Denys Bell, the primary overseer of the Cloister. After confirming that the party was not present to deliver goods or documents, but to spend money on spellcasting services, he ushered them inside and eagerly volunteered to make themselves comfortable and maybe visit the gift shop, where they could find holy water, alchemical plagues, and chocolate edi-bibles, among other things. Skyler was cured of his curse by Leonard Sadler, and of his disease by Humphrey Curteys. Seralyn bought a weapon augment crystal to help her destroy the denizens of the dungeon on their return. Seralyn also met with her old pen pal Andrew Hache, who invited her to initiate herself into all of the churches at once under the loose employment of the Cloister, to be given missions at its discretion while gaining the membership benefits and responsibilities of the divine organizations. After speaking a little more, and a stimulating conversation with Nathaniel Leventhorp about the merits of indoor nudity, the party left and headed back to the Black Dungeon to slay more undead and free some trapped spirits.

On the night of their return, they decided to sleep outside to regain their magic and for Erosia to recover from a case of Coward's Mark. That night, Seralyn was visited by another divine vision, this time from Nerith instead of Ortrul, urging her to leave some of the spirits and undead in the dungeon unmolested, but she refused, having already given her word to Ortrul that the dead would be put to rest. In exchange for excusing her defiance, Nerith conditioned that she give all healing priority to the party's arcane casters unless death for another was imminent. The bargain struck, she awoke and the party further prepared the sunlit room to be used as a base of operations within the dungeon as Erosia fought the fungal infection. Days later, when they were ready, they fought their way to another mummy room, this one containing the statue they sought, as well as a fountain full of negative energy-infused water.

The session left off there, on the morning of Quintar 7th.



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