Adventures in Thargothras

Session 15

A Rescue Party

The plan to rescue Seralyn had two parts, and luckily not all characters were required as fewer things went wrong than anticipated. 

Bean, Susan, Detective Siba, and Ellen Moore took a wagon laden with tinctures through the woods in hopes of running into the Citadel, while Deneit, Caleb, and Svalina stayed out of sight. Svalina manifested just long enough to possess the goblin who waylaid them, and guided the wagon to the entrance. Once there, a hobgoblin guard brought the four with the wagon inside for interrogation and processing. During this interview, Svalina used her goblin host to get the entrance guards drunk, including her borrowed body. Once the guards were sufficiently inebriated, Caleb and Deneit snuck inside, followed by a discorporated Svalina. After disposing of a goblin whose attention had been caught, they waited for the hobgoblin to march downstairs and Svalina possessed him as well. From there it was a simple matter to gain access to the dungeon cells and bypass the salt basilisk ("Janet"), only to find that Seralyn was no longer in her cell.

The plan shifted to finding both Seralyn's location and the location of her gear. The gear was found with Tugruk in his room, and the goblin chief volunteered to assist in the search. After hearing that Janet may have escaped, he willingly took a blindfold, allowing Caleb and Deneit to move behind them without as much fear of being caught. The first stop was a storage room near the doorway leading to the dungeons, where Tugruk did a cursory search before being frightened by the sound (Ghost Sound) of a walking basilisk. He headed off to look for Janet's keeper Bornik, while Svalina, Caleb, and Deniet were left alone to search the storage room more thoroughly. Seralyn was found under some loosely piled sacks of who-knows-what, and Caleb took out some thoughtfully purchased invisibility scrolls. While Caleb, Deneit, and Seralyn quietly proceeded to the entrance, Caleb continued his Ghost Sound to raise a false alarm and drive wandering goblins out of the path. Svalina, still in the guise of the hobgoblin, ordered the four new prisoners to be released immediately, and everyone headed to the door, a few bottles of alcohol poorer, but with Seralyn in tow.

While it was not shown, the rescue party and their gear are assumed to have arrived safely in Whitefield in the afternoon of the 14th.



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