This is a small kingdom, which contains six baronies and two duchies, which contain an approximate population of 44,000 within the capitol settlements and a further 90,000 outside of said settlements.

Capitol: Staygate
Government: Monarchy (King Rancent Emyn, Queen Larissa Emyn)
Prominent religion:  Alvac; Hearthfires
Regions (and settlements): Duchy of Fabyr, (Staygate), Barony of Wyrfor (Healey), Duchy of Rowaera (Coaton), Barony of Draganyr (Port Westvale), Barony of  Heslan (Highridge), Barony of Lyrran (Pastow), Barony of Hagalna (Gunargun), Barony of Radimyr (Whitefield).

Capitol Settlements
Staygate, Capitol of Viridonia: Population 19000, primarily human, some other civilized races. The city is built around a stronghold of stone and iron, inside of which is the king's palace. It is ruled by a tyrant, the human King Rancent Emyn, though several wealthy merchants have significant influence and power within the city walls, and the King's brother, Eddamer Emyn, Duke of Fabyr, sees to the rest of the duchy's needs. Staygate, while famous for cultural accomplishments and vigilant armies, is infamous for the haunted necropolis below the city streets and sewer systems.
Healey: Population 10100, mostly human, some elf and half-elf. The city is defended by a stone wall and a nearby castle. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the human Lord Ryany, Baron of Wyrfor, though several wealthy aristocrats wield limited power. Healey is infamous for its history of slave markets. The laws have changed with the new dynasty, and the buildings repurposed, but the memories linger on with anyone older than Lord Ryany's grandfather.
Coaton: Population 8800, mixed human and elf and half-elf. The city lies at the end of the South Road, in the shadows of ancient stone statues, and is guarded by rings of stone walls and watergates. The School of Arcane Study, located in the Northeast district, is a common destination for academics and sages. Currently, two factions struggle for control of the city:  a noble aristocrat, Dame Odiera Hesroth, Duchess of Rowaera, aided by the city guard and a handful of renowned adventurers, and a female sphinx named Saba who has taken control of the  magical academy (with the residents at her disposal) and has ambitions to claim the duchy as her own. 
Port Westvale: Population 4400, mixed human and minotaur. The town is a chaotic patchwork of architectural styles due to the eccelctic makeup of its residents. It is governed by an order of knights and warriors, known as the Parliament of Swords, overseen by Sir Selnos, Baron of Draganyr, a famous war hero. Many of its residents are tattooed with a strange glyph, reportedly in minotaur artistic style. It is connected to Staygate by the New Road, which also runs through Gunargun.
Highridge: Population 830, mostly human, some half-orc. The town is governed by Sir Talair Wersil, the latest Baron of Heslan. The farthest removed from Staygate along the Old Road, Highridge has its own garrison of soldiers, and a substantial portion of the population is military. The town has a reputation for gambling, drinking, and other acts of excess (many of the soldiers are serving criminal sentences), but also for strict laws and curfews to curtail such behavior.
Pastow: Population 640, mostly human, some halfling. The Old Road runs through the center of the small town and changes direction (the only part of the Old Road that isn't relatively straight), and forks, marking the beginning of the South Road. It is nominally ruled by Volthea Disan, Baroness of Lyrran, but in truth is governed by a council of wealthy landowners, known as the Iron Order. The most prominent tavern in the village is The Brass Hammer, home of the famous Brandy-Sauce Mutton Rack.
Whitefield: Population 212, mostly human, some elf and half-elf. The village is named for the cotton fields that produce the village's main export. Whitefield is protected by a healthy volunteer militia, but the town has almost no strategic value or plunder to be had outside a well-protected vault under the ruler's keep. The local ruler is Dame Zelcir, Baroness of Radimyr, and her rule is unchallenged. 
Gunargun: Population 208, mostly dwarf, some human and gnome. Most of the buildings are constructed from massive stone blocks, carved by the dwarves in times of yore. It is governed by a council of elders, known as the Assembly of Tomes, named so for their tradition of record-keeping and the lingering echoes of wizardry among their founders. The Baron(ess) of Hagalna is a floating title that switches to a new council member every year, but does not add weight to their side during debates. This year it belongs to Adrienne Lothloch, the Assembly's only human member.

Other settlements:
Haburh, Fabyr: Population 180, mixed human and halfling. The village is defended by a wooden palisade. It is governed by the priests of the village temple, though the official title of mayor is held by an unaffiliated female halfling named Ermine.
Olmor, Fabyr: Population 140, mixed human and other civilized races. The village sits in the shadows of the ruined Castle Erohm. It is governed by a council of elders who maintain the village's safety with the help of a mysterious power.
Sahyrst, Fabyr: Population 110, mostly human, some elf. The village is built around a great oak tree. It is governed by the priests of the village temple.
Aelstow, Rowaera: Population 200, primarily human, some halfling. A series of low stone walls divides and encircles the village. It is governed by a mayor, a male human named Thrica. The most prominent tavern in the village is The Broken Arrow.
Penmawr, Rowaera: Population 110, mixed human and elf and half-elf. The village is dominated by a single tall tower. It is governed by a council of elders. Penmawr has long been blessed by perfect weather.
Caley, Draganyr: Population 100, mixed human and other civilized races. The village is built around a ring of ancient stone monoliths. It is governed by an arcane sorcerer, a male human named Bertio, who must remain in magic-inhibiting cold iron shackles for the duration of his time as mayor. Many of its buildings are surrounded by trees to honor Rielyr, a local fairy hero.
Aflaellbyr, Hagalna: Population 50, mostly dwarf, some halfling. The hamlet is defended by a strong stone wall and towers. It is governed by a mayor, a male dwarf named Vaki.
Cacot, Wyrfor: Population 90, primarily human, some halfling. The village is defended by a wooden palisade. It is governed by a mayor, a male halfling named Swulfa. The residents of Cacot don't like outsiders, and there are no inns or taverns here.
​​​​​​​Pehill, Wyrfor: Population 60, mixed human and dwarf and gnome. The village sits upon the banks of a stream, spanned by a bridge. It is governed by a council of elders, led by a female human named Anor Windsell. The most prominent tavern in the village is The Badger and Cat.
​​​​​​​Blackhollow, a hamlet in Heslan.
​​​​​​​Corcrest, a hamlet in Lyrran.
​​​​​​​Merrifort, a hamlet in Lyrran.
Dellview, a hamlet in Radimyr.
​​​​​​​Westmill, a hamlet in Radimyr.
​​​​​​​Southmeadow, a hamlet in Radimyr.

Other sites of interest:
Camor Castle
The Cloister
The Mystics of Burall
Olafmyr's Tower
Castle Tiris (ruins)
Castle Erohm (ruins)


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