GovernmentDame Zelcir, Baroness of Radimyr, and her house. Her coat of arms is a gold wolf and 4 gold eagles on a blue field.

Noteworthy citizens:

  • Gabriel Button, personal aide to Dame Zelcir and general busybody.
  • Madame Raleigh, owner and proprietor of Madame Raleigh's Distillery
  • Old Zeke, owner and proprietor of Old Zeke's General Store
  • Roland the Horse Breeder, Co-owner of Whitefield Stables
  • Dan the Animal Trainer, Co-owner of Whitefield Stables
  • Stephen Cypress, proprietor of The Silver Sphinx.
  • Wilhelmina Smith, currently absent, owner of The Soldier's Friend
  • Caleb Ekhart, Allen Knoll's apprentice at the Daisy Hill Observatory.
  • Morys Tabard, Caleb's friend. He has a younger sister, Rose.
  • Reynard Adams, the butcher.
  • Constance Boteler, the baker.
  • Christine Clerk, a local carpenter.
  • Robert Sutton, the shoemaker.
  • Isabella Marshall, the local florist.
  • Sheldon the cooper.

The village of  Whitefield lies along the main road in Viridonia, the Old Road, between Healey and Highridge. It is named for the cotton farms that supply the kingdom with cotton, but has other exports as well, such as wool, root vegetables, and other assorted disappointments. The town has been heavily taxed in the king's effort to subtly annex the Zelcir dragon hoard, which Dame Zelcir is fighting a constant battle to keep.

There is a local shrine to Alvac, run by a handful of Hearthfire initiates. They can provide magical healing for the normal price, but only spells up to level 1. If you want anything more powerful than that, you'll have to go to Healey to the east, Highridge to the west, the Mystics of Burall to the south, or the Cloister to the north.

Local laws forbid the sale and production of alcohol (lobbied by the Hearthfires, and enacted by Dame Zelcir), which grates on some visitors, although Stephen Cypress insists that the teas he serves at his teahouse can reproduce the effects of drowsiness and calm without the later hangover. They do reproduce the effects, but not as strongly. 

Settlement Statistics:
Village (Population 180)
Government: Overlord (Inherited title, Dame Zelcir)
Alignment: LN
Danger 0
Base value: 2700 gp
Purchase limit: 1250 gp
Spellcasting 3 for PCs and 2 to buy from the Hearthfires

Minor items: 5
Masterwork Darkwood Buckler at Old Zeke's
A potion of Cure Moderate Wounds at the Hearthfire Temple
A Golembane Scarab that found its way into Stephen Cypress's possession
A potion of Bull's Strength at the Hearthfire Temple
A druidic scroll of Campfire Wall left at the Hearthfire Temple

Corruption: +3
Crime: -3
Productivity: +2
Law: +3
Lore: +2
Society: -6

Abstinent (alcohol)
Rumormongering citizens

Heavily taxed

Buildings that affect settlement modifiers or qualities:
Alchemist (BV +1000)
Noble villa (Soc +1)
Observatory (Lor +1)
Shop (BV +500, Pro +1)
Stable (BV +500)
"Tavern" (BV +500, Soc +1)
Trade shop x2 (Pro +2)

Other buildings:
And enough houses to support all of those buildings +4

Local minor quests:

  • A shady merchant named Tery seeks a party to steal the spear Astral Fury from a rival.
  • A traveler named Saega seeks a party to escort her daughter safely to Camor Castle.
  • There are still ogres raiding the outskirts of the Barony, and there is still a cash reward for bringing back their heads. 200 gold per head, and an extra thousand for killing them all or otherwise decisively ending the threat.



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