Government: Council (Assembly of Tomes) and Baroness Adrienne Lothloch

Noteworthy Citizens:

  • Baroness Adrienne Lothloch, Bookkeeper and the Assembly's only human member
  • Elder Abigail Durthain, Jewelry merchant and Assembly member
  • Elder Samantha Karrad, Innkeeper for the Broken Wagon and Assembly member
  • Elder Shaun Smelter, Smelter and Assembly member
  • Elder Jonah Karavak, Iron merchant and Assembly member
  • Elder Harfail Sunblossom, Hedge wizard, and the Assembly's only gnome member
  • Cain Raindrinker, Sheriff. 

The village of Gunargun, taken from the original dwarven name, lies among  the Dragonsback Mountains, about halfway along the New Road between Staygate and Port Westvale. While the population is notably small, Gunargun's access to iron mines in the mountains makes it an indispensable addition to the kingdom. Most of its inhabitants are dwarves, like the miners that work in the other parts of Hagalna Barony, but there is a fair number of humans and gnomes living in the village proper, valued for their business skills.

Laws and other civil decisions are made by the Assembly of Tomes, an organization originally composed of civically-minded wizards, and later historians and lawyers, and eventually a few like-minded elders. The title of Baron or Baroness is given to a different member every year, who must set aside their existing business interests and act as administrator to the entire barony, petitioning and answering to the King on its behalf. To prevent conflict of interest, the title gives no extra weight to council debates, and still requires the bearer to attend all meetings as normal before sending communication to the King, and all official letters are reviewed by the entire Assembly. Laws are enforced by Cain Raindrinker and a handful of deputies.

An aqueduct leads down the mountains to Gunargun, splitting into two streams at the edge of the village: one for fresh water for the villagers, and a smaller one to pass through the foundries. The unused drinking water collects in cisterns for the miners to collect and bring to their mines, while the waste water from the foundries is channeled through a mile-long tunnel filled with luminescent (and by now incredibly toxic) lichen and eventually poured down a mostly barren rock face to evaporate. 

The best tavern in town is inarguably The Blue Barrel, but for the less discerning patron, there is also The Virgin's Hall and the Wet Cauldron Alehouse. The only inn is the Broken Wagon, which boasts plenty of room for humanoids of three sizes (dwarf, human or elf, and littlefolk), horses, and wagons due to the usually high traffic between Staygate and Port Westvale. In recent weeks, visitation to Gunargun has come back due to the end of the Port Westvale quarantine, so the innkeeper (and other local businesses) will be grateful to those responsible for bringing back business from travelers. 


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