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  • Port Westvale

    Government: The Parliment of Swords, an order of knights and warriors answering to their baron, Sir Selnos.

    Noteworthy citizens:

    • Sir Selnos, Baron of Draganyr

      A drafted soldier during the North Coast Campaign, Ernest Selnos discovered that he had a great propensity for courage in the face of violence and peril, and that with a big sword and shield in his hands, things would generally go his way in combat. After …

  • Elmegor Vant

    Obsessed with adventure and exploration from an early age, Elmegor Vant served for twenty-five years in the Viridonian Navy, working his way up to Navigator as quickly as he could. When the time came, he fought during the North Coast Campaign, and …

  • Boerlyn Vandergriff

    This man is [[:seralyn | Seralyn]]'s father. He and [[:wilhelmina-smith | Wilhelmina]] used to travel and have adventures together. He is currently working as a merchant marine for the Goat's Gate shipping company in [[Port Westvale | Port Westvale]]. …