Tag: Lore


  • The Gods

    The Gods, of which there are but eight, are allegedly older than the world itself, and credited with its creation. Each resides in their own demiplane, where their followers go after death. 

    The gods don't require prayer, but they …

  • Alvac

    Goddess of Health, Fire, and Fertility/Virility

    Symbol: A lit torch, with roots spreading from the unlit end


    Goddess of the Encroaching Night

    Symbol: A spider web in a crescent moon.


  • History

    The history of Thargothras can be divided into three eras: Ancient history, The Age of Chaos, and a third age we'll get into later. That's the age we're in right now.

    Ancient History

    The first sapient mortals, …

  • Nerith

    Dark God of Sorcery

    Symbol: A pair of eyes, each a different color. (For monochrome, one eye is solid and the other hollow)



    The Rainmaker, the Cloud-herder, the Keeper of All Waters

    Symbol: Wind-or-waves


  • Mystics of Burall

    The Mystics of Burall are a small grouping of wise mages, who have left behind the worries of the world to study in seclusion the mysteries of magic and experiment with new applications. 

    The Mystics of Burall live and work in a three- …

  • The Cloister

    The Cloister is a group of historians, lorekeepers, and philosophers dedicated to recording a single concordant set of histories related to the gods. Since most myths are distorted over time, these people have taken upon themselves the task of sorting …

  • Silverhold

    Government: Queen Miriam Quickhammer, Viceroy to the High King

    Carved into the side of a mountain and alive with the sound of rushing waterfalls and the hammering of metal on metal, Silverhold is the …

  • Frequently asked questions

    Since it is likely that you'll want to know the same stuff your characters do, I have taken a list of questions from Jeff's Gameblog and answered them using the voices of the civilians in Whitefield. Remember that no  NPC is all- …

  • Ortrul

    Guardian and Judge of the Dead

    Symbol: The sun sending a spear to the earth


  • House Brayth

    House Brayth, known as the Screaming Jesters, have two claims to nobility.
    The first claim the prowess of their berserkers, who paint their skin and armor in their house colors (green and yellow) to match a fool's motley and charge …

  • House Yslor

    Also called the House of Ash, House Yslor owns the clay mines beneath (and and around) Healey. Their house colors, grey and brown, represent the ash and clay they deal in, respectively. 

    While the bulk of their wealth is earned and …

  • House Criseth

    House Criseth, who call themselves the Golden Glaives, train and rent out elite mercenaries. When not working, these warriors practice a combination of polearm combat, tower shield defense, and closely coordinated teamwork, to produce the …

  • Pastow

    Government: The Iron Order, a council of wealthy landowners. Also present is Baroness Volthea Disan, but she is more in charge of the rest of the barony, not the town. Her coat of arms is a silver goat on a grass green field.

    Other Noteworthy …