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  • Mystics of Burall

    The Mystics of Burall are a small grouping of wise mages, who have left behind the worries of the world to study in seclusion the mysteries of magic and experiment with new applications. 

    The Mystics of Burall live and work in a three- …

  • The Cloister

    The Cloister is a group of historians, lorekeepers, and philosophers dedicated to recording a single concordant set of histories related to the gods. Since most myths are distorted over time, these people have taken upon themselves the task of sorting …

  • Viridonia

    This is a small kingdom, which contains six baronies and two duchies, which contain an approximate population of 44,000 within the capitol settlements and a further 90,000 outside of said settlements.

    Capitol …

  • Silverhold

    Government: Queen Miriam Quickhammer, Viceroy to the High King

    Carved into the side of a mountain and alive with the sound of rushing waterfalls and the hammering of metal on metal, Silverhold is the …

  • Seralyn's House

    The small house owned by [[:seralyn | Seralyn Smith]], purchased with her reward money for saving a lost child. 

    Contains an Altar, an Office, a Bedroom, a Kitchen, a Bath, a Lavatory, and an outdoor Laundry

  • Gunargun

    Government: Council (Assembly of Tomes) and Baroness Adrienne Lothloch

    Noteworthy Citizens:

    • Camor Castle

      This square keep sits upon an artificial island, with a moat drawing water from the Sassaran (to and from which smaller boats may pass), but is close to an artificial harbor dug out of the seaside. The moat is spanned by a drawbridge, and has  …

  • Coaton

    Leaders: Dame Odiera Hesroth, Duchess of Rowaera, with significant influence wielded by Saba, Headmistress of the School of Arcane Study.

    Other noteworthy citizens:

    • Farin, a female dwarf explorer of kind demeanor. Farin is …

  • Pastow

    Government: The Iron Order, a council of wealthy landowners. Also present is Baroness Volthea Disan, but she is more in charge of the rest of the barony, not the town. Her coat of arms is a silver goat on a grass green field.

    Other Noteworthy …