Tag: Ally


  • Sir Selnos, Baron of Draganyr

    A drafted soldier during the North Coast Campaign, Ernest Selnos discovered that he had a great propensity for courage in the face of violence and peril, and that with a big sword and shield in his hands, things would generally go his way in combat. After …

  • Boerlyn Vandergriff

    This man is [[:seralyn | Seralyn]]'s father. He and [[:wilhelmina-smith | Wilhelmina]] used to travel and have adventures together. He is currently working as a merchant marine for the Goat's Gate shipping company in [[Port Westvale | Port Westvale]]. …

  • Olafmyr Gapas

    Olafmyr has been genderfluid their whole life, and thanks to a specialization in transmutation magic, can change their sex to match the gender they happen to be feeling at any point in time. In addition to their expertise and experience in magical theory …

  • Unyal Vandergriff

    Unyal is [[:boerlyn-vandergriff | Boerlyn Vandergriff]]'s brother and [[:seralyn | Seralyn]]'s uncle.