Adventures in Thargothras

Session 18

Jorba dies at the end

Keeping their promise to personally deliver the jar of teeth to Jorba the Rotten, the party (minus Audreyn, of course), flew to her cabin at the edge of the Swamp of Ghosts. On the way, one of them spotted a small wooden horn get thrown out of the treeline into the middle of the dirt road as they were passing over, and landed to pick it up. On it were etched the words "bloe fr halp." They decided to hang onto it, but not use it just yet, and continued their flight to their destination in about a day.

Once arriving within a hundred yards of the cabin, keeping within the treeline, invisibility was cast on Felicity, who daringly scouted the area, only to see Jorba sweeping dust out her front door. After passing an invisible line, Felicity unknowingly activated an alarm spell, and Jorba nervously retreated indoors. At that point, Felicity returned to the party and they agreed to storm her house. On the way there, four kelpies rose from the water, but only the one disguised as a majestic dragon horse was able to enthrall a party member (it was Skyler). The others were cut, burnt, or shot down while disease-ridden zombies rose from the mud to infect the unwelcome guests. When Vaelin opened the door, he was greeted by a large sack of hungry, cancerous flesh that tried to consume him – he slashed at it, only to watch it nearly double in size in the space of a few swings. It was soon clear that any blows that broke the skin caused its growth, so it was up to Allen and Erosia's elemental assaults to end it before it grew to an enourmous size. As Erosia's jet of water slammed into it, provoking dark violet bruises and welts, Allen's scorching rays caused it to sizzle and emit a revoltingly delicious scent. Under those attacks, combined with the damage it had already sustained (and not regenerated) from Vaelin's sword, it was quickly felled.

Jorba, after a brief search, was discovered to be under the floorboards, and after a ruse was used to fool her into thinking the party had dropped off the jar and left, she emerged from a trap door beneath a throw rug, whereupon she was entangled in magical webbing and slain.

On her body were 10 javelins coated in poison, and a +2 dagger. Outside were a set of bronze cubes of alarm (improved stones of alarm – greater area). The had nothing else

Karmic adjustments:
Allen remains at 23
Erosia remains at 16
+1 to Felicity for scouting at her own risk, bringing her score to 12
Joshua remains at 10
Seralyn remains at 24
Skyler remains at 15
-1 to Vaelin for leaving Whitefield leaderless for 3 days, but +2 for ending a threat to his subjects at their request, leaving his score at 17



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