Adventures in Thargothras

Session 16

Fungus and Fey-knights

Allen, Felicity, Joshua, and Skyler were all called back to the temple of Ortrul in Silverhold to take care of a delicate matter, which turned out to be an escaped ochre jelly, which the Gravetenders used as part of their burial preparations, and needed alive. After brief but heated combat, the clay urn that acted as its vessel was repaired, and the ooze sufficiently subdued for recapture. After rewards were issued, conversation with the priest turned to the appearance of Baraz-Bolgrik in the hands of Miriam Quickhammer, and her false story about how she had acquired it. Knowing the truth of the matter, Skyler drew forth the darkwood shield recovered from the tomb weeks ago, and mentioned that the suit of plate armor had been recovered as well. This caused great consternation among the dwarves, who realized immediately that their newly promoted leader could not be trusted, but they had no power to do anything about it. The four party members vowed to learn what they could, and recover the armor before any confrontation could be made. On their trip to the Silverhold library, they learned that all books pertaining to King Matthias II or his ancestral weapon were checked out by the Queen, a turn of events that did not bode well for anyone hoping to challenge her legitimacy.

Meanwhile, in Radimyr, Vaelin and Erosia had decided to explore the Vastwood, seeking to turn two problems (food shortage and abundance of monsters) into one solution. They encountered an owlbear, which was no match for them, as well as a disturbing clutch of immature fungal maulers. Erosia, with surgical precision, removed and killed one of the sprouting weeds, but it was then that the parent arrived, offering poor offense, but proving quite resistant to most attacks. Thankfully, it was not immune to lightning, and Vaelin struck it in such a way that it exploded into burnt spores and fried chunks. Erosia made short work of the other three sprouts, and as they settled down to rest, an amphisbeana, mature and hungry, approached them, only to be run down by five elfin warriors on horseback. The warriors introduced themselves as belonging to the orders of the Lion, the Stag, and the Owdi, the latter of which was the leader of the other four. After some argument about who was to claim the bounty of the hunt, a challenge was declared for the following morning: Erosia and Vaelin were to duel any four of the knights (once for themselves and once as champion for each of Vaelin's militia cohorts), and stakes were called and confirmed.
Vaelin's first duel was exhausting and unsuccessful, but he used his new knowledge of their skill to plan for a much stronger defense.

The session ended there.

Karmic adjustments:
+1 to Allen for informing the high priest of the falsity of the queen's official story, bringing his score up to 19
+1 to Erosia for helping Vaelin solve the public's problems at his own rish, a further +1 for killing the immature fungal maulers, and a further +1 for taking the role of champion for one of Vaelin's followers in a duel, bringing his score up to 16
+1 to Felicity for corroborating with Allen's story, bringing her to 11
Joshua remains at 10
Seralyn remains at 24
+1 to Skyler for corroborating Allen's story and a further +1 for willingness to provide physical proof, bringing his score up to 15
+2 to Vaelin for taking an active role in his responsibility to his subjects and taking his job seriously, and a further +1 for volunteering to act as champion for one of his employees in the feyknight duel, bringing his score up to 14



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