Adventures in Thargothras

Session 14

My apologies if my notes are sparse. I am working largely from memory, and the session was rather short.
Allen, Felicity, Joshua, and Skyler flew on their giant bats for eight hours, stopped on the hills on the south side of the Greywall Mountains, where they were attacked by three hill giants, who were quickly dispatched, interrogated, and slain. The next day (Quintar 13), they entered Silverhold, where Joshua and Allen went to the Gravetender temple in the lowest levels of the city. Joshua received an electrum token from the one of the resident priests. Allen studied the frescoes, and other facets of the architecture. Meanwhile, Felicity sought out local independent breweries in hopes of finding new business partners and expanding her product line. Skyler was… I honestly can't remember what Skyler was up to. Probably

Erosia recounted his meeting with his new assistant a day earlier, during which he was somehow generous, contemptuous, and efficient. And very clear in his orders to make an undead-proof morgue

Seralyn was led by Karst to Negost's underground citadel. Caleb, being another spellcaster, made Karst uneasy, so he was told to stay behind with Susan Jordan to wait for her return. Naturally, he followed her in secret for as long as he could, but eventually lost her and was forced to retrace his steps back out of the woods. Seralyn was blindfolded for the majority of the journey to keep the location of the citadel a secret.

In Negost's throne room, Seralyn pleaded a case for peace with the Goblin Queen, only to be rebutted. Apparently, Negost sides with Kellored in his interpretations of Satcotaar's will and the goddess's habit of only granting her favor to the victor of a previous conflict. Kellored plans to win a war against Viridonia to gain power before going after his true target – the elven provinces in the east. After some heated exchanges, Negost had Seralyn imprisoned in the deepest cell in the citadel's dungeon.

Later that night, Seralyn was visited by the ghost of Svalina Bire, who wishes to help Seralyn escape as part of her plan for revenge against the goblins responsible for her death – Tugruk and Negost. Tugruk is to be left alive but humiliated and demoted, and Negost, well, her fate is still undecided.

And that's about where we left off.



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