Tugruk Bonearm

Chief of the Spider Faces


Chief Tugruk Bonearm is chief of the Spider Faces by his own hand, subjugator of the White Hands, the Stonedrakes, and the Wolf Racers, slayer of bears and wolves alike, builder of the most secure fort that goblins labor could make, the Spiders’ Nest, owner of an almost unrivaled collection of well-sharpened knives, guarded at all times by his tribe’s strongest, fastest, and most loyal warriors, and loyal vassal to Negost.

Tugruk loves knives, and likes to juggle them at every opportunity, including during combat.


Tugruk claimed leadership of the Spider Faces by killing the old chief in a duel, with chiefdom as the stake. This was, of course, after working his way up the ladder until he could make the challenge and be taken seriously. Since swearing fealty to Negost, he has learned to temper his ambition.

Tugruk Bonearm

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