The Silver King

A legend, and a continued threat?


Little is known of the Silver King’s appearance, as those who knew him in life are extremely few. What is known is that he was human, aged but hale, of royal bearing and sharp of features.
Even his true name is lost to time.


Born into royalty and gifted with magic, The Silver King used applied magical theory and all the resources that a kingdom could bear to forge a fixed planar conjunction with Dol’haddur for over a century as he wrought grand and terrible arcane experiments in the search for eternal life. This time was called the Age of Chaos, as the unintended side effects of magical flow not only enabled his experiments and those of others, but caused random devastation and transformation across the known world. Though he found ways to extend his life unnaturally, he found no permanent reprieve from his own mortality. In time, he took five apprentices four of which shared his ambitions, and one who sought only knowledge from the greatest possible teacher. The former four were Kemassu, Shi-Domas, Lothligar, and Odigan. These four decided to model themselves after the four horsemen of the apocalypse in order to instill fear in their subjects before cementing their eternal rule as immortal archmagi.
The titles they chose to go by were:
Kemassu, Prince of Pestilence
Shi-Domas, King of War
Lothligar, Sultan of Famine
Odigan, Suzerain of Death

The fifth apprentice was the Red Reaver.

The Silver King

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