Sir Selnos, Baron of Draganyr

An old soldier turned politician, waiting to fade away.


Location: Port Westvale

Sir Ernest Selnos is one of the greatest warriors in the land, skilled with a bastard sword and tower shield and admired by his subjects as much as the kingdom at large. In is prime, he was a great bear of a man, valiant to his core and strong as an ox. Now that he is nearing the end of middle age, he is weary and quick of temper. He is also uncomfortable around any body of water larger than a drinking glass. Not that he drinks much water if anything else is available. Don’t let his age or drunkenness fool you, though – there is still enough strength left in his body to fight off an assault on his person – or his honor.
Today, he has been declared Baron of Draganyr, a title he intends to pass on to his teenage son at some point. As a member of the Parliament of Swords, he assists in monitoring activity in Port Westvale, keeping crime and corruption down, making decisions regarding imports and exports and the safety of the town’s inhabitants. As the Baron, he is responsible for the goings-on in the barony at large, and answers only to the king, a position he tends to abuse during meetings with the Parliament, who resent his influence in the royal court. Still, he does try to do his job effectively and remains sober as long as he has to for meetings with the Parliament and Queen Larissa.
His wife, Delara, two decades his junior, dotes on him, and when they two are together, he becomes quite protective of her.


A drafted soldier during the North Coast Campaign, Ernest Selnos discovered that he had a great propensity for courage in the face of violence and peril, and that with a big sword and shield in his hands, things would generally go his way in combat. After his first skirmish, during which he killed a dozen sahuagin, he was promoted to sergeant and sent to the front lines the next day. Battle after battle, he was called upon to stand in front of the enemy and cut them down like grass while receiving minimal injuries, and battle after battle he did not disappoint. Once he was knocked off a ship and assumed drowned, but was found alive washed up on a far beach. Since then he gets the chills near water, but falls silent when asked for details of his experience. When the war was over, he had earned the rank of Commander, and was given an honorable discharge in transition to his new career as a baron. Now, commanding a legion of soldiers and working in politics are quite different jobs, and between the frustration of his new occupation and the suppressed stress of his repeated exposure to danger, he turned to the drink. His first wife, Evelyn, left him after he accidentally injured her. She startled him by walking up behind him and he broke three of her ribs in a reflexive maneuver. He gave her two thirds of his money and one of his own longboats to go overseas and start a new life. They were both 23. After a period of mourning, he fell in love a second time, at age 26, with a beautiful elf servant. After a whirlwind romance and a hasty marriage, she turned out to be a spy for a foreign power and was executed. It was another nine years before he started courting again, and Delara won him over and managed to mend his broken heart. They now have a thirteen-year-old son named Christopher, who is being groomed for a life of politics rather than violence.

Sir Selnos, Baron of Draganyr

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