Olafmyr Gapas

The greatest wizard and painter in the land


Olafmyr Gapas the Red is reputed to be the best painter in the land, in addition to being the mightiest wizard. As a transmutation specialist, they defy consistent physical description, though they are certainly always friendly and accommodating to visitors. They seldom leave their tower, however, so stirring them to action against any odd threat will be a work of diplomacy requiring great skill.


Olafmyr has been genderfluid their whole life, and thanks to a specialization in transmutation magic, can change their sex to match the gender they happen to be feeling at any point in time. In addition to their expertise and experience in magical theory and practice, they have a passion for painting, and have channeled that talent and enthusiasm into some really great works, many of which are on display in the Royal Museum.

Olafmyr Gapas

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