Negost Dreadtongue

Goblin Queen and Chief of the Broken Daggers


Negost Dreadtongue, Goblin Witch-Queen of the Forest, Slayer of the Gilded Elk, Conqueror of the Cave of Leeches, Burner of a Hundred Dogs, Climber of High Mountains, Moon-kissed, Mistress of the Arcane Flame, Blessed of Nerith, Chief of the Broken Daggers, Subjugator of the Spider Faces, Bloody Boars, Dead Voles, Centaur Choppers, and Yellow Vipers, and Supreme Ruler of all goblins within a thousand miles, is short for a goblin, but loud and intimidating. She has been known to exhibit some paranoia and xenophobia, but this is normal among goblin monarchs that reign for any appreciable length of time.


Negost Dreadtongue

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