Reincarnated archmage


Lothligar, aka Mr Greg, is the leader of the Radimyr Cabal, and has convinced many young serfs and free people to join in his endeavor to weaken the barrier between worlds long enough to extract the flying palace of the Silver King. It is suspected, but not confirmed, that he is of supernatural origin, and is very probably the same Lothligar who apprenticed under the Silver King during the Age of Chaos. The Lothligar of that time has long been thought entirely dead due to a magical accident, so if they are indeed the same, the implications are dire.


Lothligar was an apprentice of the Silver King. After decades of research on how to achieve true immortality through arcane magic, he made an attempt at a ceremony he thought would guarantee an unaging, inviolable living body, but due to an obscure error in his early formulae, he was simply killed by a cascade of transformative energy that left his body a heap of fine yellow powder. Unlike Kemassu or Shi-domas, his soul did not merge with any magical fields or anything, it just went the way that all mortal souls do. Unless, of course, it didn’t.


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