Kellored the Pious

Horde Leader; Chief of the Steel Bears


Kellored is tall and muscular, even for an orc, and walks with an air of peace and calm outside of combat. An oddity among orcs, he is both tactful and tactical, and possessed of an undeniable charisma, especially by orc standards. Those who are more familiar with him describe him as calculating and ambitious. He is equally comfortable managing strategy at a table in a tent, rehearsing and dispensing sermons on a stage, or knee-deep in mud with enemies at every side.

He wields Blackstorm, an onyx warhammer that crackles with lightning when swung, and uses this to make himself a beacon on the field of battle.


Kellored was born to be a battle priest. It was the way of his father, his father’s mother, and her father before her. A lineage of strong convictions, humble in the face of success. Kellored seeks to continue the work of his people, and if he cannot exterminate the elves, he will drive them from the continent, never to return. Should he fail, his children and his children’s children will take up the cause until this is done.

Kellored the Pious

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