Half human, half dragon, all bad.


Ignidia is a half human, half red dragon warmonger. Dressed in heavy plate that conceals all but her scaly red face and the wings that protrude from specially cut holes in the back, she instills fear in battle among her enemies and allies alike. She wields a sword almost as tall as herself, and uses it with great skill. In the throes of combat, the magic of her demonic patron activates, and people around her bleed in greater amounts, and her weapon bursts into flames that burn as they lick flesh, but do nothing to cauterize the wounds. Most often, Ignidia can be found walking around the wild hills and plains, looking for hamlets to sack so that she can grow her army.


According to Lothligar, on an 8-hour flying carpet ride, Ignidia was a half-red-dragon of exceptional abilities (particularly strength and charisma) that took after her father in terms of personality. She decided early in life that her best path to power was through a mixture of dark faith and martial prowess, and trained under the priests of Ongoth the Grasping, a greater demon of greed, until she was old enough to strike out on her own. Her career, mostly overseas to the north, has been successful so far, and despite her obvious malevolence, she has attracted a following of miscreants who benefit from her auras. Her success in the destruction of innocent lives would prove her undoing, but not in the usual way for her chosen path. Not long ago, barely a year, her actions attracted the attentions of the wandering spirit of Shi-Domas, the self-styled King of War, on one of his explorations of the mortal plane. Shi-Domas decided she would make a fine replacement for his own long-disintegrated corpse, and attached himself, like a parasite, to her body and mind. Thus began a new life for Ignidia in Viridonia. Having two masters hasn’t been difficult, seeing as both approve of her rampant violence and lust for the spoils of battle. Ultimately, Shi-Domas wants her to slay anyone who would prevent the return of the Silver Kingdom, and has even led her on a foray into Dol’Haddur to retrieve the Gathering Stone from his old sanctum. Whether all of that conflicts with Ongoth’s goals is yet to be seen.


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