Elmegor Vant

Cartologer for the Parliament of Swords


This human male is well-spoken, though he uses a lot of grandiloquent words when simpler words will do. His hair grows white with age, and he carries spectacles in his front pocket for reading.


Obsessed with adventure and exploration from an early age, Elmegor Vant served for twenty-five years in the Viridonian Navy, working his way up to Navigator as quickly as he could. When the time came, he fought during the North Coast Campaign, and accepted a promotion to Captain after his own fell to a sahuagin’s claw. Too prideful to ask for a demotion to his preferred station, he channeled his wanderlust into exploratory expeditions overseas during peacetime.
After completing his service in the Viridonian Navy and accepting an honorable discharge due to chronic illness acquired in the field, Captain Vant settled in Port Westvale to stay near his beloved sea, and as a decorated military man, asked to join the Parliament of Swords. Elmegor was at first disappointed to take the position of Dockmaster, but after a few years had the opportunity to take on the role of Cartologer when it opened up, freeing his own position for Anne Sulari’s sister Earma. Unable to pursue adventure himself anymore, Elmegor pores over maps and accounts of other adventurous people, vicariously enjoying the thrill of discovery as often as he can.

Elmegor Vant

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