Boerlyn Vandergriff

Retired adventurer


This tall blonde elf wears armor even though his job includes a lot of sea travel. He used to go by the pseudonym Boerlyn Yellowblade. In person, he is pleasant, if sometimes a bit awkward. He likes to travel, and very much enjoys visiting foreign lands, other than Dorwine, the Magocracy of Wrath, because of a political incident he was indirectly involved in.


This man is Seralyn‘s father. He and Wilhelmina used to travel and have adventures together. He is currently working as a merchant marine for the Goat’s Gate shipping company in Port Westvale. When Seralyn met him, she also learned that he was well-traveled even before meeting her mother, and that he retired from the adventuring life after spending most of his personal fortune raising two other members of their party from the dead. Those two have also decided to seek less dangerous employment. His brother Unyal is still adventuring, and the two have apparently had little contact since their party dissolved.

Boerlyn Vandergriff

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