Adventures in Thargothras

Session 23

Beneath the facade

In this session, we covered the exploration of the basement beneath the Gylley estate.

As a few of the party members upstairs enjoyed their meal and conversation, Felicity, Joshua, Skyler, and Faolin entered the basement through the entrance opposite the main entrance of the house. First, they recognized and deactivated a trap to turn the stairs into a slide and keep intruders inside, and then they immediately had to take cover as a colony of bats made a hasty exit from the door they'd just opened. After that, the descended the stairs, poked around the mundane farming gear and food storage, and found their way blocked by two locked doors. Opting to unlock the door on the side perpendicular to the stairs, they found a small room with some trivial treasures inside. After further inspection, they found a secret door in that room, which led down a bent hallway to an unlocked door. Inspection of the door revealed wiring, gears, and latches leading to some mechanism in the ceiling, and so the lock in the door served as a deactivation point for a devious trap. On the other side of the door, Joshua could see a narrow stripe of a room with cages and captives within. Once the door was open, they spoke to the captives, starting with one who was not inside a cage, but instead held by stocks. He admitted to being captured second to last, and that his belongings were in another room, and pleaded that he be set free to retrieve them, and perhaps be useful to his rescuers in their quest to explore the remainder of the basement. They accepted and released him. Another prisoner was Henry Albys, the nice halfling who had assisted Seralyn in her initial goal of finding and speaking to other members of the Iron Order. He was heavily drugged and hungry, and had been invited under the pretense of a dinner. The other prisoners explained that they were family members of servants in the household, and were being kept as insurance to keep the servants from revealing the vampires' secret to the rest of the town. The door to their cage was fake; actual access was through a secret door behind them.

The party, now including "Xeno" as he called himself, continued out of the prison room and down a hallway until presented with an unbeatable obstacle – a deep, long pit, smelling of tar, bordered by corners too short for a running jump. With that in their way, they decided to go around, back through the first room they had entered.

The other locked door led to a well-stocked wine cellar, and once examined, there were revealed to be two secret doors, as well as another stairway upwards, leading to somewhere inside the house. The party determined that one door led to the prisoners and one led… elsewhere. They chose to take the latter door and look for Xeno's gear.

The hallway, hidden behind a locked cabinet of rare and expensive wines, led to a bigger, better treasure room, where magic items and a fancy three-section pedestal were found. The pedestal turned out to be a bioluminescent mimic, and a fight ensued, in which Felicity was the most severely injured.

Beyond that room lay another hallway, this one containing a patch of yellow mold, and a hallway leading pack to the tar-bottomed pit. The yellow mod was destroyed by some fire, but the light from the fire startled a shrieker fungus even further down the hallway. Following the sound, the party discovered the Hall of Blades, a hallway full of razor-sharp sword blades warding away intruders from a distantly visible coffin. The shrieker fungus was in front of said coffin until a few crossbow bolts destroyed it sufficiently to silence it. But by that time, the noise of combat had been heard upstairs, and the vampires, along with Allen and Audreyn, were on their way down to investigate.

So ended the session.

Karmic adjustments: 
+1 to Allen for volunteering to expose himself to danger by going with the vampires, bringing his score up to 26.
+2 to Audreyn for volunteering to expose herself to danger despite not having armor or a good weapon, bringing her score up to 10.
+1 to Felicity for giving food to Henry, bringing her score up to 13.
+1 to Joshua for trusting Xeno, bringing his score up to 13.
Kol'le's score is undetermined.
Seralyn remains at 25.
Skyler remains at 17.
Vaelin remains at 20.



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