Adventures in Thargothras

Session 22

This was a shorter session.

Those who were invited to the dinner with the three members of the Iron Order that Seralyn hadn't talked to yet arrived. Allen was the guest of Seralyn, and Audreyn was the guest of Vaelin. They went in mostly unarmed and completely unarmored. This has Audreyn at a particular disadvantage. Seralyn smuggled her bow inside her quiver, which she left under the guard of one of the servants, as did Vaelin with Kieran. Allen was in the habit of going unarmed and unarmored already, and Audreyn brought only a dagger, which was also left under the care of the servant attending the coat room.

On their way in, Seralyn cast detect undead, and the hostess (Argel Gylley) and two of the guests (Rewalt Dane and Rose Byne) were revealed to be such, at which point Seralyn was able to positively identify them, using their knowledge of such creatures, as vampires. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to share this information with the rest of the party, so they are still only left with suspicion to go on. 

The meal consisted of seven courses, and included pheasant, cheese and nuts, and a variety of beverages, including a selection from Caduceus Spirits (specifically, Caduceus for Kids – "a connoisseurs' choice for a child's palate") and was enjoyed by all the living guests, and enjoyment was passably feigned by the other three diners. During the meal, Vaelin spoke with Argel to broker the sale of a portion of livestock from Dane Ranch and Byne Ranch to Whitefield. Argel was chosen as the proxy because she had no stake in the sale, and would prevent sudden undercutting by either of the farming families she represented in the dealings. The discussion was tense at times, but in the end, Vaelin was victorious in the verbal duel, staying under budget while taking the maximum number of cattle and a large portion of the available pigs and sheep. It was about there that the session ended, to be continued the following week to focus on the other characters.

Karmic adjustments:
Allen remains at 25.
Audreyn remains at 8.
Felicity remains at 12.
Joshua remains at 12.
Seralyn remains at 25.
Skyler remains at 17.
+1 to Vaelin for focus on his people over his own bonus, bringing his score  up to 20.



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