Adventures in Thargothras

Session 17

Duels and Dragons

Vaelin's second duel was far more successful than the first, even in the absence of victory, he earned glory for having fought well and with all the tricks and glamers at his disposal.
Erosia's duel was of a more psychological nature. He directly fought the knight of the Owdi crest, referred to as the Oak by his fellows, and for every shot that hit him, he returned a blast of water that tore into the ground, leaving deep runnels at his opponent's feet. Then, having suffered the wounds of two or more arrows, he would take the time to recover completely from all wounds. The Oak, believing him to be an oni or similar water-spirit, conceded the duel, as did the second challenger. Thus, the stakes of his duels went in his favor, and there was much joy to be had before he returned to the work of curing the out-of-towners afflicted with Vile Rigidity, an insidious and deadly disease of the skin.

The other half of the party returned from Silverhold, and not an hour had passed after Allen walked through the door to his observatory to recover from his long flight than a young messenger boy brought him a letter. The letter, signed only with an initial D, threatened dire consequences if the jar of teeth taken from Jorba's cabin was not delivered to the Silver Sphinx by sundown. Fortunately, that gave him plenty of time to gather his friends to scout the location. The stranger in the teahouse was frightening, impatient, and well-armored but unarmed, but there was little more to be learned from observation. Their curiosity satisfied as well as could be, the meeting was held outdoors behind the Sphinx to minimize any potential collateral damage. Joshua was stationed on the roof as a sniper.

Early into the conversation, the mysterious malefactor identified himself as Durvininth, one of the two dragons of Blackwyrm Mire, and his grievances were aired plainly. Seeing a deeper distress behind the dragon's demands, and seeking a diplomatic solution, the participants forged a new agreement: the Tabard family would be left alone, and all punishment would fall on Allen, to be paid for with his service as a necroturge for thirty-five years in compensation for the death of Durvininth's friend and skeleton provider. The duty was to begin in one year, and a blood oath was made, after which each one's blood flowed quick in the other's veins. A promise was made to return the jar of teeth personally to Jorba, and the dragon departed for home.

The session ended there, on Quintar 15th.

Karmic adjustments:
+1 to Allen for seeking a location ideal for minimal collateral damage, and a further +3 for making a blood oath to avert the death of his apprentice's friends, bringing his score up to 23
Erosia remains at 16
Felicity remains at 11
Joshua remains at 10
Seralyn remains at 24
Skyler remains at 15
+1 to Vaelin for helping scout and choose the location of the meeting, and a further +1 for his ongoing efforts to solve the concerns of the people of Radimyr Barony, bringing his score up to 16



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