Adventures in Thargothras

Session 13

Bats, orcs, and goblin forts

On Alvsday, Quintar 11, the day before half the party gets back to Whitefield, the other half of the party is accosted by stranglebarks as they pass through the Vastwood, along the Theomehtar River, (and later the River Ohron as the two rivers join) on their way north to the Western Headlands. After sorting that out, using some clever teleportation tricks and nonlethal tactics, they escape and slay the eldritch creatures quickly.

At the shores of Lake Audrey, the party decides to scout in a counterclockwise fashion around the lake in order to locate the home of Granny Willow, the storm hag with which they are loosely acquainted. The only structure in sight is more closely investigated by an invisible Skyler, who takes note of a circular hut with a high, conical thatched roof, orbited overhead by stormclouds that match the description of storm elementals. Also present was a troll, seen fetching firewood from outside. Having delivered his findings to Allen, Felicity, and Joshua, they decide to look for a bat cave and camp out when they find one.

As the sun sets, a few giant bats are seen leaving a nearby valley in the hills, where the party also discovers three orcs in bat masks guarding a cave, the entrance to which is covered in a wide net. Approaching peacefully, the party negotiates with the orcs to purchase eight bats (three female, five male) at an inflated price, and camp for the night. Skyler goes out hunting with Gurgamang (f), while the other three stay with Burvil (m) and Slosk (m), one of whom shows a greedy, if foolhardy, streak. The next day, they begin their flight to Silverhold.

On Felsday, Quintar 12, Seralyn hears about the recent goblin attacks and immediately fetches Caleb Ekhart to accompany her to try and make peace with the invading tribes. The two find themselves followed by volunteer militia to have shown up to warn her, and to protect her in case something should go wrong. After some very tense conversation with their leader, Susan Jordan, Seralyn comes to the understanding that they will be tagging along, and makes the best of the situation by instructing them to look as non-threatening as possible when she approaches the goblins. They comply, and when they find the ramshackle goblin fort, she is greeted by two goblins, representing portions of tribes that briefly marched under Ignidia's banner. Karst, who represented the Stonedrakes, explains that they are unsure of whether their loyalty to the Spider Faces and the goblin cause overall will be questioned, and does not want to risk civil war or execution by showing up after so much lost time. Seralyn volunteers to talk to Negost on his behalf, should he lead her to the Goblin Queen, and Karst accepts.

The session ends there, resolving the events of Quintar 12 for 6 party members. The activities of Erosia and Audreyn are still unresoved, but Audreyn's destiny currently lies separate from everyone else, so her narrative is predetermined until she returns with Dame Zelcir.

Karmic adjustments:
Allen remains at 17
Erosia remains at 12
Felicity remains at 10
Joshua remains at 7
+1 to Seralyn for risking her life to speak to the goblins directly and trying to minimize risk of casualties, bringing her score to 19
+1 to Skyler for assisting in the nightly hunt and +1 for his bonding with Gergamang, bringing his score to 12. Gergamang is now an optional contact, should he pursue further friendship.
Vaelin remains at 11



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