Adventures in Thargothras

Session 12

"Fuck this town"

On the morning of the 9th, the party decided to split up, with Allen, Felicity, Joshua, and Skyler heading south toward the Mystics of Burall, and the rest heading north to Highridge to sell unwanted gear and turn in the corpses of T'Lara (for a reward) and Aivar and Sir Caspin for a proper burial. Cash was divided to reflect the value of found equipment and put everyone closer to an equal standing financially. A handy haversack found on Simon's body was wanted by both Allen and Erosia, but since Allen is going to where he can buy one, he sold it to Erosia for a large gem and some cash. Joshua is taking Simon's body to Silverhold after the party has regrouped, or so goes the plan.
The journey took just under 8 hours for the northbound characters, and almost 10 hours for the southbound characters.

For those heading south, the PCs made it to the Mystics of Burall without incident, spoke to Urojani, and began shopping. To increase their line of credit, they accepted a job to retrieve several live shock beetle specimens. That night, their task was completed superlatively, as they returned with more than twice the minimum number of specimens, and a brood mother as well. Their plan is now to take their newly gained loot and travel to the Ohros Swamp, up the river, and into the Western Headlands, doing what they can to scout Lake Audrey for Granny Willow's home and defenses, then look for bat caves.

For those on the way to Highridge, the northbound party members ran across six apparent bandits on a natural footpath, carrying bags of coins. Erosia cowed them with displays of power and then offered them the chance of money and threatened to kill the beloved (and powerful) Bandit King, despite knowing nothing of this person's skills or abilities. Three of the bandits returned to the woods while the other three agreed to give the PCs a very wide berth.

Once in Highridge, the party was able to sell all of the mundane, non-masterwork gear at full price, as well as all of the unclaimed gems under 100gp in value. Audreyn was also able to sell the two suits of full plate at higher than half price, citing their historical value to the dealer while Seralyn dealt with Aivar.
Seralyn expressed worry that T'lara's body might not be treated well by the bounty officers, so she delayed the process while Erosia made inquiries and explored the town. Erosia learned that while service was generally quick and reliable (and quite responsive to bribes), he decided that he deplored the general population and atmosphere. On the way, he paid for services from the local Gravetenders, commissioned two new scalpels, and got drunk with Vaelin in a local inn-and-tavern until Audreyn and Seralyn found them.

During that time, Seralyn and Audreyn took Sir Caspin's body to his family, and consoled his mother as best they could before being politely ejected for her to mourn. Seralyn then tried to find information about Aivar, specifically any family he had, in the hopes that his remains could be sent to them, but no information could be found by mortal means. Using the boon granted by Ortrul for putting the shades to rest, she spoke to a Vanth and was told of some living family in the Elven Provinces to the east. Eventually she and Audreyn returned to the alley where they agreed to meet, but from there had to track down their male companions in the nearby inn-and-tavern. Stories were exchanged, and, satisfied that T'lara's body would be well-treated, Seralyn collected the bounty and split it with the other party members present. Then they rested.

In the morning, having heard rumors about town that Baron Wersil was to leave town, they investigated and witnessed him and many of his soldiers preparing for a journey to Staygate, along with a man calling himself Lord Vincent, to see the King about expanding the kingdom to include a new barony under Lord Vincent's rule. A few party members were introduced to Lord Vincent, who greeted Seralyn with a kiss on the hand, and whose own hands were checked by Vaelin (to prove he wasn't a rakshasa). Vaelin also took the time to interview him briefly, and learn a bit more about his origins and intentions. Seeing no red flags, Vaelin wished the former baron of Narsiik the best of luck in his endeavors before excusing himself. Audreyn, Erosia, Seralyn, and Vaelin then decided to travel with he and the baron to Whitefield, at which point Audreyn would continue the journey as Dame Zelcir's personal guard and champion. While the journey from Highridge to Whitefield only took two days (during which the bandits remained hidden), it is estimated that the whole trip (including a 10-day stay in Staygate) will take 27 days, and Dame Zelcir will return with Audreyn and Gabriel Button on Joysday, Sextar 7.

Once in Whitefield, the party split up. Erosia tended to his finished hospital. Seralyn heard about some goblin attacks and decided to investigate (alone). Vaelin was made aware of a man named Eyeth, who had entered the village seeking an escaped prisoner called The Viper. 
Vaelin's hook was resolved first. After some creative detective work (investigating abnormalities in food sales), he singled out Sheldon the Cooper as the man harboring this fugitive. Setting up a perimiter watch, he waited until the right moment to confront Sheldon, who was visibly nervous and untidy with hiding evidence of his crime. Fed up with the awkwardness of Sheldon's explanations, The Viper exposed himself, explained how he'd manipulated Sheldon (offering to tell the most interesting stories he'd ever heard in exchange for food and shelter), and told Vaelin that he would not be arrested willingly. Vaelin accepted the challenge, and a fight ensued, with Vaelin victorious, much to The Viper's unpleasant surprise. The shapeshifter was tied up and taken to the Keep's dungeon, where Vaelin interviewed him further and offered him a job. The Viper is so far undecided.

The session ended on the evening of Quintar 13th, but the events of Quintar 12th with Seralyn still need to be resolved.

Karmic Adjustments:
Allen remains at 17.
+1 karma to Erosia for paying for something nice to be placed on T'Lara's tombstone, and another +1 for buying a round of drinks for the whole tavern, bringing his score up to 12.
Felicity remains at 10.
+1 to Joshua for agreeing to hold and deliver Simon's remains to Silverhold, bringing his score to 7.
+1 karma to Seralyn for going out of her way to honor the dead, bringing her score to 18.
Skyler remains at 10.
-1 karma to Vaelin for dealing lethal damage in a nonlethal combat, but +1 karma for offering to redeem a criminal at his own effort and expense, leaving his score at 11.



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