Adventures in Thargothras

Session 11

Out of the darkness

Neriday, Quintar 8, 930

After resting outside the dungeon, and hiding the loot they had gathered thus far, the party returned to the south entrance and made their way back to the room in which they had slain the goblin-wraiths, from which they headed north. Joshua found another hidden treasure inside a giant statue of a snake. They kept marching north, into a room with an open pit, a giant suit of animate armor, and a few bugbear zombies, which were dispatched efficiently. They explored a secret door on the south wall of this new room and discovered, to everyone's surprise but Skyler (who had scouted this room already), a magic circle containing a glowing skeleton:

Allen summoned a badger to explore the room to test for traps. When the badger was unharmed, he commanded it to fetch a bone from the skeleton. The moment the skull left the inner circle, Alad appeared through the door and initiated a parley. After some long negotiations, a bargain was struck. The party could help themselves to the rest of the treasure in the dungeon, and the undead within the rooms would not attack them, even if attacked themselves. Allen would stay inside the circle at Alad's mercy as insurance, and a few of the party members would carry some of Alad's bones as insurance as well. The mutual trust turned out to benefit everyone, and the party gathered thousands of gold pieces' worth of gold and silver, as well as a few trophies, and the gear from previous adventurers. The wraiths were dealt with as well. When the party returned to make good on their end of the bargain, they removed all of the bones at once, allowing Alad to break free of the tethers trapping him inside his manse. His new flesh coalesced around his bones, and he was reborn as a bodak, his spellcasting ability intact, but his power over his environment lost. Alad and the party waited until sundown (during which treasure was distributed, and Vaelin was cured of his mummy rot using the scrolls bought at the Cloister), discussing his future plans and accepting their request for help in dealing with the shambling mounds created by the recently opened bleed gate to the south. In return, the tower would be explored, cleared of any traps or guardian monsters, and Alad could live inside of it unmolested, so long as he didn't revert to his ways of necroturgy and diabolical pacts. He made short work of the creatures, and after some struggle to find a suitable entrance, treasure was found and distributed, and the party had time to explore. It was strongly speculated, based on the color scheme and some of the treasure found, that the tower belonged to Shi-Domas or one of his favored servants.

The session ends on the morning of the 9th.

Karmic adjustments:
+1 karma to Allen for allowing himself to be used as collateral for the safety of his friends, bringing his score to 17
Erosia remains at 10
Felicity remains at 10
+2 overdue karma to Joshua for spending so much downtime helping his allies instead of working on his own interests, bringing his score up to 6.
+1 karma to Seralyn for destroying the wraiths on their own terms and letting them keep their dignity, bringing her total to 17
+1 overdue karma to Skyler for risking his life scouting the dungeon alone, bringing his score to 10.
Vaelin remains at 11



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