Adventures in Thargothras

Session 10

Almost Done-geon

More rooms were cleared of the vile undead, Alad made no appearances, and a new safe room was found. In addition, two more wraiths (former adventurers) were found.

One wraith, a former dwarf named Simon, asked that his remains be buried in Silverhold, and explained a loophole in his commands that let him interact peacefully with the rest of the party. As a parole officer, he knew how rules could be worked around, and had decided to interpret "guard this cavern" as "keep the stone walls from getting dry rot," allowing him autonomy unless commanded otherwise. 

The other wraith, a former elven archer named Aivar, appeared resigned and despairing, and only asked that the party not provoke him to violence. His body still had some great treasures on it, and so a few party members have equipment upgrades.

Near the end of the session, the party decided to gather the treasure from the rooms they'd cleared of monsters, and hide it miles away outside the dungeon. They have also decided to take another long rest, also outside the dungeon. The adventure will continue on the morning of Neriday, Quintar 8.



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