Adventures in Thargothras

Incident at Rodillon's Bridge

Audreyn hadn't spent this long in a saddle for ages, and was starting to get sore, and they were only two days into their travel. As they were riding, up to Rodillon's Bridge, under Ortrul's bright eye, one of the attendants far ahead shouted something and pointed into the water. After a minute or so, word finally reached the back end of the caravan that the whole procession was stopping for everyone to refill their waterskins and water barrels for the continued journey. Anxious to walk on her feet again, Audreyn volunteered to collect the waterskins of Dame Zelcir and Sir Wersil, and even Lord Vincent de Narsiik and refill them herself at the river bank. All accepted, as they were in the middle of a game of cards in Wersil's carriage and didn't want to be interrupted. Audreyn hastily dismounted, collected the skins, and ran awkwardly and painfully to the water's edge. No sooner had she began dipping the skins into the river when a long, pinkish serpent broke the surface and snapped at her. The battle that ensued went something like this:

Latch toad attacks from stealth. Audreyn is flat-footed.
17 fails to breach Audreyn's AC.
Audreyn loses.
Round 1
Latch toad attacks with 16, 23, and 14. All misses.
Audreyn moves to attack, provoking an attack from the toad. Another 17 fails to hit.
Audreyn attacks, usin power attack. Her 25 easily hits the toad, dealing 16 damage, reducing the beast to 51 hp.
Round 2
The toad steps back 5', and attacks again. 20, 29, and 30. The second two hit, dealing 8 (5) and 7 (4) damage respectively. Audreyn is reduced to 58 hp, with a reduction pool (granted from her Iron Ward Diamond) of 24, and is covered in goo, but passes her save to avoid being glued to the ground. The toad attempts a grapple using its grab ability for 29. Even with her specialized defense, Audreyn is grappled and brought adjacent to the toad. 
On her turn, Audreyn decides to full attack the toad, accepting the -2 penalty to her attacks.
Her first attack, a 14, only hits because the toad also has the grappled condition. The attack deals 11 damage, reducing the toad to 41 hp. The second attack, 24, threatens a critical, but fails to confirm and deals 12 damage, taking the toad down to 29.
Round 3
On the toad's turn, it attempts to deal more damage. It rolls a 10, a 24, and a 31 which confirms. The damage dealt is 9 (6) and 14 (11) respectively, taking Audreyn down to 41 hp with a reduction pool of 18.
On her turn, Audreyn full attacks back, hitting with a 26 and an 18. She deals 12 and 11 damage because she can't roll higher than a 2 on the damage die when she's grappled, but the toad is reduced to 6 hp.
Round 4
On the toad's turn, it attacks again, fighting to the bitter end. 17, 10, and 14 all miss.

Audreyn, determined not to die, full attacks with 14 and 18, both of which are hits. She deals 13 and 16 damage, which together reduce the toad to -23, which kills it. Audreyn is victorious, but desires to wash off the goo as soon as possible.

After her victory against the beast, she waded upstream to refill the waterskins, and decided to stay in the saddle until nightfall, ignoring the pain in her thighs.



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